What you can accomplish is directly related to the words you use in your life. Your words determine your actual presence in the world.

Why are words so powerful? Words are a direct reflection of how you handle tough times and it gives others a peek into your thought-life.

It shows friends, family and even strangers who you are when the proverbial shizzle hits the fan.  Since life is a roller coaster, shizzle is going to hit the fan.

That’s when it’s most important to be surrounded by people who have a quiet inner strength and a winning mindset. That winning mindset is easily recognizable by the words a person uses to describe events in their life.

It’s not about quantity of words but quality.

People with winning mindsets are first to admit that they do not have all the answers.  Instead they know how to point you towards the right direction of the answer.

You recognize a person who has a winning mindset when you feel like you’re in the presence of a breath of fresh air.

You recognize a person of inner strength by listening to the words they use to describe the events of their life.

People of inner strength and winning mindsets stay away from victim vocabulary and feel at home with power vocabulary.

Listen carefully for these subtle differences

Victim vocabulary vs. Power vocabulary:

⇒ I can’t (do X because I have to do Y) vs. I won’t (be doing X because I’m choosing to do Y)

⇒ I should (have  done X) vs. I could (have done X)

⇒ It’s not my fault (he/she/it is to blame)  vs. I’m responsible (because)

⇒ It’s a problem vs. It’s an opportunity

⇒ I’m never satisfied vs. I want to learn and grow

⇒ Life is struggle vs. Life’s an adventure

⇒ If only (I didn’t/I wasn’t)  vs. Next time I will

⇒ It’s terrible (I failed) vs. It’s a learning experience (I learned)

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn

We are all human and that means we can all fall into negative mindsets but when your surrounded by others who have worked on their inner-strength and winning mindsets, they will lovingly call you out and help set you back on the right track faster.

If you want a winning mindset start by observing the words you use because it creates the life that you have.

Think about the words you use daily.

Do you “have” to:

⇒ Go to work

⇒ Cook dinner

⇒ Exercise

OR are you “choosing” to:

⇒ Go to work so that your family can take that dream vacation

⇒ Cook dinner so that you nourish your body with food that tastes delicious

⇒ Exercise so that you feel amazing and live long enough to see your kids graduate

All it takes is a willingness to be aware of the words that you use and taking a mental note.

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