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1:1 Strategic Advisory

Designed for business owners (at capacity) who don’t know how to focus their time and energy because there’s just so much to do, strategic advisory arms you to lead the business instead of managing it. 

Say hello to freedom, friend.

We’ll show you how to optimize your offers, streamline your processes and systems, and empower your team with structure, responsibility and training. 

The ability to increase capacity without increasing your stress
A lean team of thinkers and doers who aren’t dependent on you
Productized, sustainable service delivery and income
The resources you need to breakthrough a revenue ceiling
Time and energy to dream up new ideas (or just get more sleep)
A service business that works even when you don’t (hello, holidays)
Generate more money in your business while working more efficiently
Create intellectual property so you can outsource service delivery

Imagine your service based business with:


What it includes:

Six months of hands-on 1:1 strategic advisory and coaching
Comprehensive audit of processes
Initial 90 minute intensive to create a strategic action plan
Proven frameworks to follow
Two 60-minute calls per month, following the initial intensive
Live workshopping your current business challenges
Unlimited email communication
Bi-monthly action steps aligned to your strategic plan


Immediate benefits of having fewer client project tasks on my plate.

If I was to grow my agency’s team on my own, I know I wouldn’t have done it the way Audrey coaches — and that would have held me back, slowed my growth and limited where my business could go (and how quickly).

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Audrey empowered me to determine the best roles to grow my team and led me through creating a SYSTEM to teach my new hires how to think and do like me (I didn’t believe it was possible until now!).

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I’ve felt the immediate benefits of having fewer client project tasks on my plate. Now I have more free time to dedicate to sales, relationships and refining our internal processes to better serve our clients — all without sacrificing profit.

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Allea Grummert

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I know what it takes to build an agency — whether it’s from solo to two, three, five or twenty — done it. I help service providers pivot and create delivery systems that give them more freedom from client work and get more time and freedom back. 

My inspiration for all of it is my mom. She gave her work everything: time, health and joy. Before she could enjoy the life she worked so hard for, I lost her to terminal cancer. If the years have shown me one common denominator is this — you start your business for more opportunities and freedom. And find yourself overwhelmed by the business you created.

I have a track record of helping business owners create a different outcome so they don’t burn out. If you want more freedom in your business, invest in things that will pay itself back over and over again. Getting your delivery system structured and client delivery off your plate is one of those investments.

I’m on a mission to show consultants, creatives and marketers they can build a joyful million-dollar service-based business with a lean team. 

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Closed $80K in new biz by the second month of working together.

I closed $80K by the second month of working with Audrey. Her process helped me dial in and focus on what matters to growing my business. I would highly recommend Audrey to anyone looking to grow their business in a sustainable, and profitable way.


Make it 1:1

We get it: You want one-to-one support to dive deep into making your business scaleable. I give you clarity, strategies and leadership to grow your business. This is not a course or curriculum but a custom roadmap I create for you. You access my deep expertise in designing, growing, and scaling service-based businesses to multiple six figures and beyond and get accountability to reach your goals together.

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