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How can you inspire your team to greater heights?  The short answer is to be a more effective leader who knows how to inspire the best in people.  But what motivates one person doesn’t always inspire the next. That’s why personality assessments can help inform better leadership.  We explore how personality assessments help you hire […]


August 3, 2022

Cara McColman: How to build a better team with personality assessments

Do you know an opportunity when you see one, and more importantly, are you willing to take that risk?  Saying ‘yes’ led this service-based business owner from a 9 – 5 job to a seven-figure business.  There’s a saying in entrepreneurship: “you’ve got to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way […]


July 21, 2022

John Vuong: Leaving the 9 to 5 to Build a 7-figure Marketing Agency

What inspires someone to buy an existing marketing business?  Meet Diane. After selling her successful first business, she decided to return to work by purchasing a marketing agency.  Diane shares her decision-making process and what she would do differently if she were to do it again.  Plus, hear the strategies she uses to become the […]


July 7, 2022

Dianne McKay: Lessons learned from buying a marketing agency

What pivots do you need to make in a business as it grows?  All businesses will at some point make a pivot – it’s a strategic move that you take to ensure that your business remains viable and profitable.  In this episode of the Small But Mighty Agency podcast, meet Nanci, she is an entrepreneur […]


June 23, 2022

Nanci Corrigan: Having the courage to pivot your business

When you think of a niche for your business, you might naturally consider a specific industry or market.  But a niche isn’t always an industry; it can be a service you offer. Case in point, meet Allie LeFevere, the co-owner of Obedient Agency. Their niche is humor, and they help grow brands that make people […]


June 9, 2022

Allie LeFevere: Humor is the most underrated competitive advantage in marketing

If there’s one constant in owning a business, it’s getting comfortable with change.  As business owners, we need resilience in the face of change, whether changing business models, shifting marketing strategies, or building a team.  Change isn’t just about us, “the business owner”; it affects the people in our business. Leaders effectively managing their teams […]


May 26, 2022

Kait Dinunzio: Leadership and growing her consultancy into an agency with apprentices

Is it easier to start an agency when you’ve worked for agencies most of your career? The answer isn’t a straightforward yes or no.  Running an agency requires more than just doing the work of servicing clients; it requires building a profitable and sustainable business.   Taralyn and her partner went from solopreneur to an […]


May 12, 2022

Taralyn Carver: Solopreneur to agency owner in 10 months

What is the fastest way to $500K in a service-based business?  Today’s guest shares how she and her business partner scaled to $500K in sales in their first year without using complicated marketing strategies or being on every platform to market their business.  Growth for this agency owner has also meant steadily growing a team […]


April 27, 2022

Kiirsten May: The fastest way to $500K in sales

The one thing you need to have a sustainable agency? Happy Clients.  Great client management can mean the difference between a happy client who stays for the long term or a frustrated client who churns.  And we know that it costs a lot more to find a new client than to retain one.  Nobody understands […]


April 13, 2022

Taylor McMaster: Mastering client management

This small but mighty agency owner used the Upwork platform to grow his animation agency to multiple six figures in under two years.  Going from solopreneur to a team of nine, Guillermo Chan went from a 9 – 5 job to building the business of his dreams, where he gets to do what he loves […]


March 30, 2022

Guillermo Chan: Growing a multiple six-figure agency in two years using Upwork