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    I want Audrey’s brain in every part of my business. She’s amazing and a fantastic support for businesses like mine. 

    Andrea Jones,
    CEO, OnlineDrea

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    Meet Audrey

    I’m Audrey Joy Kwan, founder of Agency Together, Strategist and Coach to Seven Figure Agency Owners, and host of The Small But Mighty Agency Podcast

    Who am I to be supporting agency owners?

    I’ve supported an agency to sell and exit. I understand the intricacies of building an agency to a point where it can successfully be sold, which means you gain a guide who knows the complexities of growing your business.

    Master in Communication focusing on Organizational Development: I leverage and apply a deep understanding of how effective communication and structured development are crucial in thriving organizations and networks.

    Ten years of experience consulting and coaching agency owners to build seven-figure agencies means deep industry insight and practical strategies for growth and profitability.

    I’m on a mission to change how agency owners collaborate to grow together. Get the Free Agency Together Newsletter to join other Agency Owners growing together.

    Audrey pushes me outside my comfort zone (in a good way) and encourages me to think bigger. Her strategies have always found success for me, my business, my team, and my clients. 

    James Jensen
    Founder, Atom Studio

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