4 Perspectives On a 4-Day Work Week for Your Agency


June 19, 2024

If the thought of a 4 day work week has crossed your mind, my guess is that you’ve gone back and forth thinking about it. 

Implementing a four-day workweek takes thought and consideration – so in today’s episode of the Small But Mighty Agency Podcast –  I bring along a few friends who have implemented four-day work weeks. 

You’ll get four different perspectives and four unique insights on this week’s episode.

This summer, we’re doing something different on the podcast by bringing you a few a-sync episodes. A-sync episodes are not live interviews with our guests.

Instead, I posed the same question to four people: 

Q: What insight or challenge have you encountered with a 4-day work week, and how do you address it in practice?

Then, I asked each guest to record a clip under three minutes long and share their unique perspective. 

My goal for these a-sync episodes is to help you get “to-the-point answers.” 

Tune in as we get to the point of the 4-day work week. 

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LinkedIn: Audrey Kwan 

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