Mooren Bofill: How inclusion matters and what this agency is doing to create industry change


August 4, 2021

How does diversity drive progress and creativity in marketing agencies?

And why will agencies who don’t address the call to action on diversity and inclusion get left behind?

In this Small But Mighty Agency episode, I connected with Mooren Bofill, Partner of 123West, an award-winning agency, to explore the topic of diversity and inclusion and what Mooren is doing to champion initiatives that are not just band-aide approaches.

Tune in to gain insights on:

  • Why diversity and inclusion make an agency more creative and successful
  • Learning to see ethnicity as a superpower to creative work in an agency
  • When doing the same things go un-noticed how does it impact diversity and inclusion
  • How an award-winning agency is innovating to create more opportunities for people in underprivileged backgrounds to advertising

We also get to talking about what it was like to work in agencies as a young woman of Asian ethnicity. Yes, that was like 15 years ago. We both speak candidly about our upbringings, struggling to find our voice and learning to see our ethnicity as the superpower.

Join us in this vital conversation about re-thinking the impact of diversity and inclusion to help you build a better business.

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