Lisa Genovese: Applying the 80/20 rule to catapult her business to a seven-figure agency


November 10, 2021

What is the fastest way to grow a service-based business to seven figures? 

Not a trick question 🙂

It’s to help your clients get results faster. 

Meet Lisa Genovese, five years into building her marketing agency, Lisa discovered the 20% of activities driving results for her clients and decided to go all-in on the service offering,

In this episode of the Small But Mighty Agency, we dig into the 80/20 rule that helped Lisa catapult her business to a seven-figure agency and why getting support to discover her 80/20 was a wise decision. 

Tune in to hear:

  • How she identified a new revenue stream that became her agencies signature service
  • Finding her stride as an agency owner at the five-year mark
  • Going all-in on the 80/20 rule despite the doubt 
  • Why her agency won’t work with a client unless the client invests in the impact assessment offer and how she asks them to invests 
  • Trusting that the fastest path to success is to turn down clients that are the wrong fit 

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