Nick Dank: Solving communication challenges to grow his agency


January 19, 2022

Is it worth the time to cross-train your team? 

Even the most talented people in your team can’t succeed if your entire team follows their own processes, and communication is a mess. 

Cross-training leads to better communication, and communication leads to a business that is less dependent on you. 

In this episode of the podcast, we’re exploring how this agency owner hires the right people, streamlines communication and cross-trains his team so that he can spend more time in creativity instead of project management. 


  • How he took one opportunity in college (10 years ago) and turned freelancing into an agency
  • Why solving communication challenges grows the business  
  • Cross-training team members is worth the time investment 
  • What is the T shape model, and how it guides his hiring process for right-fit team members? 
  • How he cross-trains his team to create more efficiency and less dependency on one person to know it all 
  • Changing his org structure and why he restructured his agency model

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