Doug Darling: How processes set this seven-figure video agency up for premium pricing


February 2, 2022

When this seven-figure agency owner surveyed 50 of his clients about what they valued when working with a small agency, the response was a surprise. It wasn’t the price and it wasn’t even quality. 

The top three things the clients of this seven-figure agency want to see from an agency are experience, communication and processes. 

Yes, processes. 

Processes are like guardrails. By definition, a guardrail is a barrier placed along the edge of something such as a staircase to keep you from falling off the stairs

When your processes are guardrails and clients are educated on how your uniquely created guardrail supports them on the road to getting the results they want, your processes add a tremendous amount of value for your clients.

In this episode of the podcast, tune in to explore

  • How processes can set you up for premium pricing. 
  • Going from generalized marketing services to productized video and animation services 
  • Intentionally building a business with value-added processes 
  • How processes empower creatives to be more creative 
  • How educating clients on processes supports making more money

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