Todd Anthony: Nurturing zone of genius to build a better agency


February 16, 2022

What makes a creative agency excel past its competition?

Nurturing and protecting the creative spirit in the team. 

The creative spirit is the secret sauce for an agency to do outstanding creative work. 

Some call it “strategic magic” or “zone of genius.” 

I like to think of it as the art that makes their craft possible. 

Let me explain 

The craft is the production, it’s 80% of the work, but the creativity, the strategy, the zone of genius is the 20% that makes the 80% excellent. 

That 20% is the art. 

We chat with a seasoned creative agency owner on how he nurtures creativity in his team,  finds opportunities to help the team stay accountable and protects creativity from getting derailed by clients who don’t get the creative process.

Tune into this episode to explore: 

  • How he inspires the creative spirit of his team in his creative agency
  • What’s working for training and developing creative talent
  • Identifying opportunities to transfer knowledge to his team 
  • The power of teaching clients how to work with his agency
  • What is the difference between clients who treat your agency as a vendor versus clients who treat you like a partner and say yes to only the latter?  
  • Proactively educating clients to have a better partner relationship with their agency 

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