Kait Dinunzio: Leadership and growing her consultancy into an agency with apprentices


May 26, 2022

If there’s one constant in owning a business, it’s getting comfortable with change. 

As business owners, we need resilience in the face of change, whether changing business models, shifting marketing strategies, or building a team. 

Change isn’t just about us, “the business owner”; it affects the people in our business. Leaders effectively managing their teams in an ever-changing environment is vital to business success. Today on the podcast, we explore best practices for change management and change leadership. 

And suppose you’re wondering how to scale a consultancy. In that case, we explore how this change management consultant is growing into an agency by building up apprentices and confidently letting go of the client-facing role in her business.   

In this episode of Small But Mighty Agency: 

  • How do leaders manage their business in an ever-changing environment
  • Why change leadership principles, not just change management is vital
  • Growing her consultant into an agency through apprenticeship 
  • How she confidently let go of the client-facing role in her business 

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