Conner Galway: How this Leader of the Year is building his business in an uncontested marketplace


May 5, 2021

How is this Leader of the Year named by Marketing News Canada making the competition irrelevant?

While most people know that consultant-type businesses don’t scale, this marketing agency owner isn’t too concerned with scaling right now, instead he’s focusing on what he calls building a defensible model.

In other words, he would rather be in an uncontested marketplace solving a unique challenge for his clients than compete in a crowded one solving the same problems as everybody else.

He’s carved out a healthy portfolio of B2B clients in travel, tech, and retail but scaling isn’t his focus right now.

Conner Galway is the President of Junction Consulting – a digital consultancy in Vancouver, BC. Junction Consulting’s recent work includes helping to create a digital learning platform for Destination BC, and training for Lululemon. Conner was most recently named Leader of the Year by Marketing News Canada for his support of Canada’s tourism industry through the COVID-19 pandemic. Conner is one of Canada’s premiere digital business educators, teaching and developing curriculum at schools like Brainstation, Simon Fraser University, and Capilano University. He shares his latest thinking in a weekly email called The Brief that’s read by leaders at many of North America’s most respected brands.

On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:

2:41: How Conner started his first agency

4:45: Why the marketing consultant agency model over a traditional marketing agency that does implementation

8:50: The team structure he uses to run his marketing consultant agency

11:14: Why say “no” to the execution and implementation of marketing strategy and what to focus on instead

12:44: The “bias” and why it may not best serve clients best interest

14:39: What is the concept of digital from the inside out

19:15: What is Junction doing to productize and systematize a consultant-agency business

21:22: Why scaling is over-glorified and what is more important than scaling for Conner

26:41: What is and isn’t working to grow the business?

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