If you’re ready to scale to multiple six or seven figures with a team, Small But Mighty Agency was made for you: It’s your no-BS podcast that takes you inside successful agencies and what made them. Our founder, Audrey Kwan, interviews agency owners to show you what it takes to grow your business from one to many—the good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing is off limits.

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Meet Audrey

I’m on a mission to show consultants, creatives and marketers they can build a joyful million-dollar service-based business with a lean team. 

I know what it takes to build an agency — whether it’s from solo to two, three, five or twenty — done it. I help service providers pivot and create delivery systems that give them more freedom from client work and get more time and freedom back. 

My inspiration for all of it is my mom. She gave her work everything: time, health and joy. Before she could enjoy the life she worked so hard for, I lost her to terminal cancer. If the years have shown me one common denominator is this — you start your business for more opportunities and freedom. And find yourself overwhelmed by the business you created.

I have a track record of helping business owners create a different outcome so they don’t burn out. If you want more freedom in your business, invest in things that will pay itself back over and over again. Getting your delivery system structured and client delivery off your plate is one of those investments.

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