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The Mighty Pod Model

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Want a multiple six-figure and beyond service business that won’t sink when you stop working?

Build a Mighty Pod Model that scales and lead a team you love. I’ll show you how. 

Save yourself the time of figuring out a service model that creates more capacity in your business

Stop drowning in client work and have a foundation for a business that can run without you

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    Hey, I’m Audrey

    I’m a business strategist, coach and podcaster of the Small But Mighty Agency Podcast. 

    Using the Mighty Pod Model, I’ve worked with creatives, consultants and agency owners to grow their service business to multiple six figures and beyond. I've helped creatives, consultants and agency-owners like you:

    • Feel less stressed and overwhelmed
    • Lead and build a team that you love 
    • Breakthrough revenue ceilings 
    • Create a sustainable business

    I’m excited to do the same for you! 

    What got you here won’t get you there

    To grow, you need to do things differently. 

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