How to Optimize Account Management for Better Client Retention


July 3, 2024

Your account managers are key to client retention. 

Excellent client account management leads to happy clients, and when clients are happy, they don’t churn. 

My first role inside agencies was in Account Management, and I know what it takes to be a great account manager and lead account managers because I lived it for years. 

When you walk in the shoes, you know the size of those shoes. 

My guest today, Taylor McMaster, has done exactly that, too. Today, she owns a fractional Account Management agency. 

In this latest episode of the Small But Mighty Agency podcast,  we unpack the myth of the do-it-all account manager, 


The expectation of the do-it-all account manager is often unrealistic and prevents your account managers from being effective at helping you retain clients. 

In this episode we’ll dive into:

  • What it takes to be an excellent account manager 
  • Best practices for client retention, including the importance of proactive communication. 
  • Explore unrealistic expectations placed on account managers that keep them from fulfilling the core function of maintaining client relationships. 

Tune in as we share how to optimize your account management team to keep clients happy, reduce churn and improve retention. 

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