Joel Klettke: How this copywriting consultant uncovered a new opportunity to serve fast-growing B2Bs


April 7, 2021

The money is in the process, not the service.

It’s the kind of thinking that sets business owners on the trajectory to million dollar businesses.

This copywriting consultant uncovered an opportunity to serve fast growing SaaS and B2B companies by SEEING a gap in their process and pivoting into a scale-able niche to serve the gap.

In this week’s podcast episode discover why identifying what might look like a small missing process for the people you serve can lead to a big opportunity and hear how Joel took action to make his business THE go to experts in the new niche.

Joel Klettke is the Founder of Case Study Buddy a specialized team who help B2B brands capture, share and cash in on customer success stories. He is also a sought after conversion copywriter for SaaS and B2B, having served clients like Hubspot, WP Engine and Scott’s Cheap Flights.

On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:

10:08: What is the the value of being in a deep niche and why it’s the opposite of limiting

14:46: Using one simple marketing strategy to grow both his businesses

16:44: The power of defining and articulating his process to exponential growth

19:53: Why he thinks of his company as a powerful process masquerading as a company

20:43: How he went through “the muck” to figure out what works

30:13: The catastrophic failure of hiring 10 people into his business and why it failed

32:10: Why people who are good at their craft have a difficult time stepping into the manager role and building a team for their business

34:57: How he decided on the right partner for his business and perspectives on partnerships

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Case Study Buddy Website

LinkedIn: Joel Klettke

Twitter: Joel Klettke 

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