More first-year multiple six-figure service businesses than ever before?


March 17, 2022

How are creatives, consultants, and marketers making multiple six figures thriving in an increasingly crowded marketplace?

The great resignation left a door wide open for more businesses to consider working with freelancers, contractors and boutique agencies because employees were leaving like never before, which created demand in the marketplace. 

On the other side of that same coin, the pool of writers, designers, and animators either freelancing or starting their agencies widened, creating a saturation of sameness. 

There is one common key business decision I see solopreneurs make to get out of the sea of sameness and reach multi- six figures in their service business. 

This key business decision helps them grow more quickly and profitably.

In this episode, I share what I see contributes to the success of first-year multiple six-figure service businesses.

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Audrey Joy Kwan 

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