Gain a strategic and scaleable team structure that gets you out of the weeds in one month with three sprints.

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Team Growth Sprint

Are you at a standstill trying to figure out a team structure to meet the vision you have for your agency without you having to continue to do it all? 

Our Team Growth Sprint is for agency owners who have surpassed $500K in revenue and have a team but continue to find themselves the bottleneck. To reach seven figures, you know your team needs to change for you to gain capacity.

Each sprint is a 2-hour session with strategy, planning, consulting and coaching. You will have frameworks and templates.


Immediate benefits of having fewer client project tasks on my plate.

If I was to grow my agency’s team on my own, I know I wouldn’t have done it the way Audrey coaches — and that would have held me back, slowed my growth and limited where my business could go (and how quickly).

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Audrey empowered me to determine the best roles to grow my team and led me through creating a SYSTEM to teach my new hires how to think and do like me (I didn’t believe it was possible until now!).

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I’ve felt the immediate benefits of having fewer client project tasks on my plate. Now I have more free time to dedicate to sales, relationships and refining our internal processes to better serve our clients — all without sacrificing profit.

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Allea Grummert

Clarify your vision and the future of your roles
Review your current team and their roles
Determine what adjustments need to be made based on strengths and company needs
Determine team composition to meet the vision

Identify strategic team growth

Sprint one

Outline the roles on your team to drive the vision.
Create a new org chart to support growth
Shift your current team and map out future hires.

Create a scaleable internal team structure

Sprint two

Outline objectives for the new roles
Identify additional SOPs for the team
Optimize team meetings to be more effective
Review and recommend training & onboarding for the team

Optimize your team roles

Sprint three


Working with Audrey is the best thing I’ve done for myself and my business.

Building a business can feel daunting, but not with Audrey. She breaks things down into a roadmap and gives you exactly what you need at the right time, all done in a way that eliminates overwhelm.

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Audrey’s process delivers, and she is laser-focused. Her genius is knowing how to get to the root of challenges instead of band-aide approaches. With her support, we are on track to get to seven figures with confidence and clarity. 

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We’ve increased our revenue by 300 percent over the previous year. Working with Audrey is the best investment you can make for your business. If you need a caring guide with a proven track record, she is it. She is the secret advantage you need by your side.

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Bill Downie
CEO, PEAR Agency

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I know what it takes to build an agency — whether it’s from solo to two, three, five or twenty — done it. I help service providers pivot and create delivery systems that give them more freedom from client work and get more time and freedom back. 

My inspiration for all of it is my mom. She gave her work everything: time, health and joy. Before she could enjoy the life she worked so hard for, I lost her to terminal cancer. If the years have shown me one common denominator is this — you start your business for more opportunities and freedom. And find yourself overwhelmed by the business you created.

I have a track record of helping business owners create a different outcome so they don’t burn out. If you want more freedom in your business, invest in things that will pay itself back over and over again. Getting your delivery system structured and client delivery off your plate is one of those investments.

I’m on a mission to show consultants, creatives and marketers they can build a joyful million-dollar service-based business with a lean team. 

Meet Audrey


I have a roadmap to scale my business without me doing the service delivery.

I was a consultant who wasn’t clear on how to leverage my business to serve more people. Today, I have a multiple six-figure business that I can scale, and we are on track to triple our revenue this year.

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With Audrey’s process-driven thinking and laser-sharp strategic advisory, we clarified and nailed down my service-based intellectual property, positioning and messaging, and streamlined our offer.

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She’s come alongside me to show me how to lead my team confidently and focus on the actual value-added activities to grow myself and my business. I’ve found myself doing things with ease that just six months ago I found highly daunting.

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She has a unique genius for laser-sharp focus on the right things at the right time and simplifying business growth.

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Harriet Davis

Make it mighty

If you’re ready to stop drowning in client work and build a service-based business that doesn’t depend on just you, the Mighty Pod Model™️ is your lifeboat.

A high-touch coaching program, the Mighty Pod Model™️ will train and coach you through the exact steps I use to help agency owners, consultants and creatives build teams of thinkers and doers, scale to multiple six and seven figures, and finally free themselves from the 24/7 hustle and stress. You in?

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