Amanda Nelson: The rollercoaster ride to making $500K year in her agency


August 17, 2022

You’ve reached capacity, now what? 

Building your business requires different priorities, decisions and leadership at different stages of growth. 

When you hit capacity, you need to put the brakes on and focus on building internal capacity. Internal capacity is processes and team members who can help you serve your clients and grow your business. 

Ignore internal capacity building for too long, and you can break your business. 

Hear how this agency owner focused on marketing and sales to get to $500K, the mistakes she made that almost broke her business and how she’s moving forward to a million. 

In this episode of the Small But Mighty Agency: 

  • Finding the right partner to grow the business 
  • Lessons learned from being at capacity 
  • When to pump the breaks in your business so that it doesn’t break
  • What not to do again when experiencing a growth spurt 
  • Building an account management team 

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