Jenny Smith: How transparency helps this multiple 7-figure agency owner have an engaged team


September 21, 2022

What is the greatest asset for a multiple seven-figure agency?

After ten years as the CEO of her agency and another 12 years before that working as a creative director – thats’ 22 years – Jenny Smith knows her team is the greatest asset.

In this episode, Jenny shares how transparency about her agency’s profit and losses helped her team understand the financial basics and raise the level of trust, ultimately leading to committed and engaged team members.

If you want to hear how transparency and being imperfect helped her have a multiple 7 figure business, keep listening.

On this episode of the Small But Mighty Agency:

  • The power of being an imperfect
  • What her previous agency life taught her about growing her team
  • How to help your team feel part of something bigger
  • What strengths does she lean into to lead a multiple 7-figure agency
  • Breakthrough and break down moments of running her multiple 7-figure agency

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