Success: How to get more time freedom in your service business and make money (even on vacation) with Justin Salters


October 5, 2022

Do you want more time to work on the business rather than in it?

When Justin reached out to me for help, he was the bottleneck in his business. His service delivery processes lived in his head, so he spent his day-to-day implementing services, managing clients, and providing client strategy. 

He was doing it all with little time to focus on real business growth. It wasn’t sustainable, and he didn’t have the time and freedom he craved. 

We made changes that supported him to streamline his business, gain more freedom and take time off without worrying things would fall apart. 

Six months later, Justin shares what’s happened since working together and how he is now leading a scalable company that no longer rests only on his shoulders. 

He has a service business that can run without him and continues to make money even when he’s on vacation. 

Justin’s journey through entrepreneurship will inspire you no matter where you are in your business. 

And suppose you want to get service delivery, client management and strategy off your plate. This episode just might give you the confidence to take the next step in that direction.

In this episode, we’ll discuss 

  • Why focusing on streamlined service delivery processes earlier creates exponential growth 
  • How he stopped being a bottleneck in his business and gained more freedom
  • How service delivery processes helped him transition from consultant to CEO 
  • How to have exponential growth without working more hours or compromising service delivery

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