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How do you build a collaborative partner network that actually works and can help you grow your business? In this week’s Small But Mighty Agency podcast, we connect with Jon Allison, the owner of a Branding Studio with a track record of using authentic relationship marketing to grow his business and deliver exceptional work.  What’s […]


October 27, 2021

Jon Allison: Growing Your Business with Collaborative Partner Networks

Focus is a superpower.  But distractions are everywhere.  You’re short on time, and you want to grow your business with less overwhelm. How do you steer clear of shiny opportunities and ideas that are vampires to your time and energy? How do you make better strategic decisions?  I rarely share about how I arrived at […]


October 13, 2021

Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome in Your Business

How do you engage and inspire younger generations in your service-based business? Today we’re exploring Generation Z, the most entrepreneurial generation of our time.  In this episode, I speak with Julie Wang on embracing being a Generation Z agency-owner and her insights on employing her Generation.  On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:  Why […]


September 29, 2021

Julie Wang: How to inspire and attract Gen Z talent

Are you a marketer, consultant, or creative who started your business with a specialized skill? You have steady revenue, a solid client base, and work coming in. It’s more than you can handle by yourself, but you’re saying yes to everything. You’re working 24/7, and it isn’t the life you dreamed of as a business […]


September 15, 2021

Trevor Longino: From freelancer to agency owner in six months

What does it take to grow an agency from 0 to 7 figures in four years? The first thing I noticed about Joel, founder of KARMA jack is his joy and zest for life. He has an uncanny ability to make conversations about almost any topic lighthearted yet packed with insights. In this episode of […]


September 1, 2021

Joel Sellentine: Finding a North Star & growing a seven figure agency in four years

What if the traditional rules of productivity and work are broken because they are outdated? Meet Brittany Berger, she’s on a unique mission to help neurodivergent individuals work smarter, not harder, whether a business owner or not. Brittany believes that the traditional rules of productivity and work that people learn are inaccessible for many. She […]


August 18, 2021

Brittany Berger: How to break free from hustle culture and find your own productivity rhythm

How does diversity drive progress and creativity in marketing agencies? And why will agencies who don’t address the call to action on diversity and inclusion get left behind? In this Small But Mighty Agency episode, I connected with Mooren Bofill, Partner of 123West, an award-winning agency, to explore the topic of diversity and inclusion and […]


August 4, 2021

Mooren Bofill: How inclusion matters and what this agency is doing to create industry change

What are some of the biggest fears business owners I work with having about building a team? It’s normal to have fears, it doesn’t make you less likely to have an effective team, but understanding how these fears track and what’s true instead will help any business owner become a better leader and grow a […]


July 21, 2021

Don’t Let These 2 Fears Get In The Way of Growing Your Business with a Great Team

Lots of companies and corporations say they are people first but are they? Talk is easy. Alignment of business decisions to the principles and values of people first isn’t that simple. Meet Kate Strathmann; she thinks of her business as an incubator for building a company that gives her team the freedom and flexibility they […]


July 7, 2021

Kate Strathmann: How to create more freedom and flexibility for the team to thrive inside and outside the business

Raising your rates? Andréa Jones is the CEO of Online Drea a social media marketing agency that brings in between $70K – $80K per month with high ticket retainers. But that wasn’t always the case. Listen to how Andréa transitioned from a $500 retainer service by leveling up her offer and then raising her retainers […]


June 23, 2021

Andréa Jones: How she leveled up her services and raised her retainer rates by 30%