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What if I told you that your expertise can get in the way of growing your business?  It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s a real barrier.  The phenomenon is called the curse of the expert. It can play out in different ways on your journey from being a solo service-based business owner to an agency owner.  […]


September 20, 2023

How the Curse of Expertise is Holding You Back

Are you protecting your time effectively? Last month, I found myself in the emergency room of a hospital, and it got me thinking about the parallels between better boundaries in an emergency room and in a business.  Not every challenge in a business, just like not every trip to the ER, is a life or […]


September 6, 2023

How do I set boundaries without worrying balls will get dropped?

How do you transform processes into profits?  If you want a higher ticket offering in your service-based business, tune in.  You’re listening to the last episode of a series to help you break down a strategic system in your business called your intellectual property so that you can build a profitable business without burning out.  […]


August 23, 2023

 How to transform processes into profits

Are you ready to discover what can separate your service offerings from the pack?   We’re digging into the art of crafting a repeatable structure for your service delivery and what makes it possible to transfer your knowledge to others.  In this episode, strategic service delivery structure isn’t just about the mechanics of intellectual property. There’s […]


August 9, 2023

Creating more revenue-generating opportunities with a strategic service delivery structure

Do you know how to steer clear of the A to Z thinking trap?” It’s a major pitfall that keeps service-based business owners trapped as the bottleneck of their business.  In this episode, we’ll give you step-by-step actions to avoid the trap or, if you’re in it, how to get out – so you can […]


July 26, 2023

How to avoid a major trap that keeps you stuck as the bottleneck in your business

Are you looking to take your business to the next level without becoming the bottleneck? If that sounds like you, tune in.  In this series, I’m bringing you short, power-packed episodes that reveal valuable insights on developing your money-making intellectual property so you can grow a business without being the bottleneck.  Today, we’re diving into […]


July 12, 2023

Leverage these two foundations to break free from being a bottleneck

Have you ever wondered how to find and develop your money-making intellectual property in your service-based business?  Maybe you think you don’t have intellectual property, or you find yourself doing the work in your business but struggling to unlock the method to your expertise.  In this five-part series on the podcast, we’re deep diving into […]


June 28, 2023

How can Intellectual Property transform your service-based business?

What is the messy middle? The messy middle is the transformation phase, where you get out of client delivery and grow your business with a lean team.   If you’re a marketer, consultant or creative who turned your skill and expertise into a service-based business, odds are you started your business for more opportunities and freedom. […]


June 14, 2023

Navigating the Messy Middle to Build Your Agency

How can agency owners leverage financial forecasting and modelling to better inform strategic planning and drive growth?  Lean in as we talk to an agency owner whose secret to scaling from seven to eight figures is mastering financial forecasting.  You might be at the stage of business where you’re doing this with minimal support, or […]


May 31, 2023

Jon Morris: From seven to eight figures – the power of financial forecasting

Are you scaling chaos in your service-based business?  If you started your business as a marketer, consultant or creative and have grown from a solopreneur to having a team, you may have some solopreneur habits holding you back. And if you’ve been following my journey, you already know that structure, roles, and processes are the […]


May 17, 2023

Chaos is holding you back from growing your business – here’s why